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Have a wonderful summer!

Have a wonderful summer!

DCS Report Cards

We provide regular updates to you about your student’s academic progress by sending home a Report Card. The Report Card website will include important information about school and student performance, class sizes, attendance, and school safety. There also is information about how our schools measured against federal Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO) targets and the number of suspensions and expulsions in our school.

With exciting ACT and ACT WorkKeys results in 2014-2015, Davie County students are proving they are college and career ready. Davie County Schools remains in the top 16% of the state for proficiency on the End of Grade and End of Course tests, scoring higher than the state average. Even with increased goals for the 2014-15 school year, almost three fourths of schools in the district met or exceeded growth. Though the 4 year graduation rate dropped slightly, the 5 year graduation rate increased. Math course rigor continues to remain high in both Davie County and the state.

Dr. Darrin Hartness, superintendent of Davie County Schools, commented on the district’s goals. “Graduating from high school is a minimum requirement to be competitive in today’s workplace.  We not only want more students graduating, but we also want more students continuing their education at our local community college or at a university.  This state report also highlights academic accomplishments and areas of improvement. We celebrate the accomplishments and will use the data as we make adjustments and strive to continuously improve our schools.”

We encourage you to visit the NC School Report Cards’ website at www.ncpublicschools.org/src to see our school’s Report Card. A paper version of the Report Card, the Snapshot, will be sent home. Our school district’s report is also available on the Report Card website. School Report Cards are provided for regular public schools, charter schools, and alternative schools that were open during the 2014-15 school year.

For the second year, each school has received a letter grade to describe its performance. These school performance grades are comprised of student achievement (80 percent) and growth (20 percent). We encourage you to review all of the accountability data, since a single letter grade cannot adequately describe academic performance for an entire school.

The numbers and letter grades only tell part of the story. We at Davie County Schools are proud of our accomplishments from the 2014-2015 school year. Davie County Schools was ranked 2nd in North Carolina with the highest return on investment out of the 115 school districts. We broke ground on the new Davie County High School. Drop-out rates continued to decline from the fourth year in a row, decreasing 38%, from 81 in 2010-11 to 50 to 2013-14. McKenna Oakes won first place in the 2014-15 NC VFW’s Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest and placed 16th in the nation. The Davie County High School’s Competition Cheerleading team won their 4th consecutive world title, as well as placing 8th in the national division. Andrea Cranfill from Pinebrook Elementary School was named the 2015-2016 North Carolina Association of Teacher Assistants’ Teacher Assistant of the Year.

State and local education leaders are committed to providing parents with more information about schools. Well-informed parents who participate in their children’s education and school enhance the learning environment for students and educators alike. In addition, the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requires schools to issue Report Cards.

At Davie County Schools, your involvement is very important to the success of our school! We encourage you to review our Report Card carefully, then feel free to contact us directly to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding the Report Card. We also welcome your feedback regarding other interests you have in our schools.

Thank you for allowing us to share this Report Card with you and thank you for supporting our efforts to provide your child with a high-quality education.

For more information, please contact:

Erin Foil
Director of Accountability and Student Information

Noël Grady-Smith
Executive Director of Curriculum and Leadership Development