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Have a wonderful summer!

School Matters - Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Superintendents United Around Priorities and Their Guide to Strengthening Public Schools

Superintendents from the 115 school districts across North Carolina are holding a series of press conferences to outline their legislative priorities. Superintendents are advocating for increased compensation for all teachers, a salary scale overhaul for principals (principal pay in NC is ranked 50th in the nation), and a salary increase for all of our employees who support our public schools. Dr. Hartness stated, "We want to thank the General Assembly for their work on increasing compensation for beginning teachers over the past couple years, and we appreciate the Governor's budget goal to increase average teacher pay. These are steps in the right direction, but compensation must continue to be a priority for all teachers, as well as our principals and other support personnel."

Superintendents are outlining a call for regulatory reform, changes in the A-F grading system, and accountability for school choice options. They also are presenting the need to invest in adequate personnel and resources for public schools before expanding the private-school voucher system, or funding other plans or programs sending public tax dollars to private for-profit entities. Superintendents not only outline issues that must be addressed, but are also presenting the NC Guide to Strengthening Our Public Schools with specific solutions that will improve schools across North Carolina.

Dr. Hartness summed up this call for action, "With solutions developed and agreed upon by the 115 school superintendents across our state, we look forward to working with the legislature and Governor to make these priorities a reality through this short session and in the long session next year. We want our public schools to be the best in America. Our students must graduate ready to meet the rigorous demands of college and with a competitive advantage in the careers they may choose. Making an adequate investment in public education a priority will enable us to accomplish these goals."

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Darrin L. Hartness, Ed. D.


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