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Have a wonderful summer!

Have a wonderful summer!

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Daily Announcements

Davie County Schools Pre-K Program is now accepting NC Pre-K applications:

Kindergarten students are learning about Martin Luther King Jr. this week. They are learning about his dream for equality and justice for all. In math we are learning more about adding and subtracting through word problems. In writers workshop students are writing creatively about the winter season and snow. 

1st Grade
First grade has been reviewing multiple math goals to prepare for end of quarter testing.  We have accomplished many tasks!  We will soon be counting and adding tens and ones!

In reading we have been reading stories by Jan Brett.  Here are some students taking notes during the read to keep track of the animals who saw Hedgie with the funny hat. They used their notes to put events in the proper order. 

Next week they will be introduced to a venn diagram and will compare and contrast two of Jan Brett's Stories.

We are looking forward to discussing the day and night sky and discussing the changes in the size and shape of the moon, moon phases.  Love working in first grade! 

2nd Grade
Mrs. Carter’s class has been working on settings of a story. They have used Story Legos to build the setting from their homework books. The students have enjoyed discussing the scenes from the stories. In Social Studies, Mrs. Whitaker’s class and Ms. Grant’s class has been working on Economics. Both classes worked in small groups to make an advertisement for good or service.  

3rd grade
Third Grade is traveling to the Solar System and learning about the planets. This week they started a new research project with our media specialist, Mrs. Nieters.  Students will be working with partners to research a planet and then write a postcard about their planet. In Math, students are finishing up OA standards with multiplication and division - learning to use the properties of multiplication.  

4th Grade
This week the fourth graders had an Interactive Video Conference about simple circuits with the School of Science and Math.  They were able to learn about kinds of circuits, conductors and insulators, and even make a light bulb light up just using a battery and tin foil.

5th grade
5th graders participated in an IVC called “Surviving Earth’s Biomes”. This links our fall zoo trip to our study of ecosystems. Students were asked to predict and explain how the animals are adapted to survive in a particular habitat. They also had the opportunity to observe some animals that were discussed.

The students at Cooleemee Elementary continue to show a lot of growth in Spanish!  The Kindergarten students have come a long way since the beginning of the year.  They now can recognize color words in Spanish as well as recognize number words to 15.  In first grade the students can name the color words in Spanish and can count to 20.  In both kindergarten and first grade we are working on our farm animals unit, animals de la granja, and will be learning about people in the family next. (Personas de la familia)

Second grade students just finished doing a unit on the weather, el tiempo.  When they hear the weather described using basic phrases in Spanish, they should be able to recognize it in English.  We are working on a unit on the family right now. (la familia)  They will finish that unit by doing a family portrait and labeling the people in Spanish.

Third grade just finished doing a unit on the weather, el tiempo.  When weather is described in Spanish, they should recognize it in English.  After they finish a project incorporating writing and illustrating the weather, we will begin a unit on the family. (la familia).

Fourth and Fifth grade researched Christmas (la navidad) and ways that it is celebrated in different Hispanic cultures.  We are now learning about the Three Kings Day, Día de los Reyes Magos, and our native Spanish speaking students, whose families celebrate this holiday, will share some of their traditions.  After that, we will be starting to learn about the alphabet in Spanish. (el alfabeto en español).

Students who have access to the internet are encouraged to practice their Spanish outside of class by using the links on my website, which can be found on the Davie County Public Schools webpage, under Cooleemee.