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Have a wonderful summer!

Have a wonderful summer!

School Counseling Center

Miles Catlett, school counselor


Mr. Catlett works hard to provide work-focused lessons and counseling to students who need that extra bit of help in being successful at school and making decisions. He is also the local computer guru and may choose to speak to you in conversational Spanish should the mood take him.

General Information

The counseling center provides students with comprehensive services including individual and small group counseling, classroom guidance, and academic and college/career planning.  The school counselor also works closely with the DCCC liaison and administrators to provide appropriate college course selection that fulfills both high school graduation and A.A. degree requirements.  Services are designed to address developmental needs and focus on the demands of each grade level as students rise through the Early College. 

Communication between the school and home is strongly encouraged at DCEC. We welcome the opportunity to meet and work cooperatively with the parents of our students.  school counselor is available to assist with academic, social/emotional, and college questions or concerns.  He is also willing to coordinate and/or attend conferences with teachers, students, and parents, as these meetings are often beneficial in supporting student success.  We encourage parents to contact the school counselor throughout the day directly via phone or email.  Should parents wish to talk with teachers, it is best to contact him after school dismisses so class is not interrupted.

Scholarships, summer programs, financial aid and testing information (PLAN/ACT, PSAT/SAT, Accuplacer, EOCs) are also provided through the counseling center. The school counselor reviews students’ plans of study regularly to make sure students are aware of their own coursework, transcripts, GPAs, and other records important for college entrance.  The school counselor also works individually and through Seminar/Advisory classes as students explore their major areas of interest and consider colleges that suit their goals.

DCECHS Graduation Requirements

While students are enrolled in both high school and college, working toward the completion of both degrees simultaneously, students must earn their high school diploma before college credits are transferable and in line with A.A. degree receipt.  For this reason, we encourage everyone to remember that students are high school students first. The high school diploma and the A.A. degree go hand-in-hand, and the A.A. degree cannot be awarded without the diploma.  Please be advised that students who do not complete a full academic year at the Early College will not earn credit for year-long classes.

NCDPI Future Ready Core

All Early College students are on the College Prep or Future Ready Core plan of study. A high school diploma is prerequisite to a college degree. To receive a high school diploma from Davie County Schools a student must earn the following twenty-eight units:




Social Studies



4 units

4 units

3 units

3 or 4 units

1 unit

11 or 12 units

Elective credits are earned primarily through dual enrollment college courses. Second language credit is no longer required for graduation, but a two credit minimum is required for admission to a college or university in the UNC system. For detailed information, speak with a school counselor or visit the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) online at http://ncpublicschools.org.

Promotion Standards

Students must pass the following number of courses for high school promotion.










DCECHS students have the opportunity to earn an A.A. in conjunction with and upon completion of the high school diploma. The A.A. requires 60 semester hours of college credit.  Students begin taking college courses in year one and each year the number of college courses increases. The goal is for students to earn both their high school diploma and college degree within four or five years by following a prescribed course of study. The school counselor reviews plans of study with students regularly throughout their education at the Early College to insure timely graduation. Parents are welcome to request meetings to review plans of study as well.

Current and former students may request copies of their transcripts using the forms provided through the counseling center.  Students are expected to provide stamped envelopes, properly addressed to the schools to which they are applying along with completed transcript request forms.  Requests for transcripts needed for scholarship applications follow much the same procedure.  Forms may be picked up and returned in the counseling center.


Curriculum Guide

Click here to download the curriculum guide. 

This guide explains, in abbreviated form, what students are learning in Seminar classes each year and the college-ready skills they are developing. The lists are not all-inclusive, as it would be impossible to include all the lessons taught and the skills mastered in one document.

Also included is an overview of high school and college courses taught and in which years. Students following this curriculum are prepared to graduate from DCECHS with a high school diploma and an Associate in Arts degree in four, four and a half, or five years.

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