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Have a wonderful summer!

Have a wonderful summer!

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Daily Announcements

Davie County Schools Pre-K Program is now accepting NC Pre-K applications:

Second Grade

 Last week Mrs. Easter and Mrs. Martin's second grade classes put on a biography wax museum. Students spent weeks researching, comparing and contrasting, create timelines and learning facts. Students completed this project by dressing up as the person they researched. Students had to become that person and tell all about them. 

 Third Grade

 This week in 3rd grade we reviewed character traits.  We read several stories and decided which character traits would describe our main character.  We also played charades and the class guessed the character trait.  In math we concluded our unit on measurement by working with different types of graphs.  We ended our week by having a Campfire Read-A-Thon.  Our students camped out by the campfire (on the smartboard) and read their favorite books. We enjoyed s'mores as a special campfire treat. 

Fourth Grade

The fourth grade students are learning about North Carolina government to prepare for their field trip to Raleigh.  They are learning about the three branches of government and the jobs of each branch. The students have also learned about the rights and responsibilities of being a North Carolina citizen.  In Language Arts, the students are reading Jim Thorpe's Bright Path and reviewing main idea and text structure.

Second Grade

Mrs. Martin and Ms. Moore's second grade class has been researching maps of the world. The students chose a country and use iPads to create a colorful and interesting fact.
Our class has enjoyed a Mystery  Skype interactive activity. The students could ask yes or no questions of the other classroom. The students were excited when we guessed that there school was located in Vermont.

Third Grade

Finding the area of composite figures can be a challenging concept. However, third grade students at Mocksville took on this challenge with ease. Third grade teachers used the floor tiles to make composite figures. Students were able to break each composite figure into smaller parts with pieces of yarn. They then worked in cooperative groups to find the area of each part and then added the parts together. This simple but effective activity had the students up, moving, and engaged

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade has had some exciting days in the last few weeks.  On May 12th we celebrated "Living History Day" which is a program that Senior Services of Davie County provides for us.  The students were exposed to methods of primitive cooking, soap making, sensitivity activities, and some fascinating historical fact about Davie County.  We also had the privilege to have some seniors from right here in our community join us for a time of sharing and questions in which they shared their personal experiences of growing up and the history of their lives.  On May 13th we took our annual field trip to our state capitol, Raleigh.  We were able to tour the capitol building and the legislative building where the students got to show off their knowledge of NC government.  We also spent time in the History Museum and the Science Museum.  This was an exciting time for the students as well as a valuable learning experience.    

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Dotson’s fifth grade class has had a great week.   In Reading we have been studying the Titanic. The students are fascinated by some of the facts they are learning as we read. Each student was given a simulation card that contains the information about one passenger on the Titanic. We have been creating Twitter accounts for these passengers and will find out our fate next week.  In math we are reviewing for the EOG by playing games like Bazinga and Stinky Feet.  We just traveled to South Davie to watch the 8th graders present The Lion King. It was an amazing production and our students can’t wait to begin there in August. 

Ms. Reeves

 Ms. Reeves class has been using hands on centers, QR codes, and task cards to get ready for End of Grade testing. We've continued to use Number Talks strategies in the classroom and enjoy coaching one another through problems, as well as, sharing our problem solving methods. As the year winds down, we'll reflect by making collages and writing narratives. We're sad to see our 5th graders go, but are excited about all the opportunities next school year will hold!